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CFC2 Series
Small Footprint
Chemical Blending and Delivery Systems
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ChemFlow’s high precision Point-of-Use (POU) CFCs series provide extremely accurate and repeatable blending of chemicals over a wide range of mixing ratios.

ChemFlow’s patented volumetric blending process, in combination with our pipe-tank design, makes precision volumetric blending and delivery simple.

The CFC2 series provides 2.5 LPM blend and delivery of high purity CMP chemicals to a single or multiple tools. It utilizes our patented "U-tube" technology along with our 3.5-gallon pipe-tank. Pneumatic valves are the only moving parts employed.

Each CFC2 unit consists of two sub-units, the Blending Unit and the Delivery Unit. The blending unit accurately combines set quantities for 2 chemicals to achieve the desired mix ratio. The ChemFlow system mixes the chemicals together by first filling individual volumetric vessels. The volume is determined by using our patented “U-Tube” technique. This allows for highly accurate and repetitive volumetric measurements. Once the vessels are filled, the contents of each vessel are gravity transferred into the mixing vessel. The result is an accurately mixed chemical. The blended chemical is then transferred to the delivery unit of the system by pressure.

There are many methods available to perform blending of chemicals. Current industry standards utilize metering pumps, scales, sensors, or a combination of the above, but these methods fail to maintain precision blending over time. The inherent problem with these systems are that they add a layer of complexity to the blending and delivery processes. This translates into costly downtime due to improperly mixed batches, discarded material due to shelf-life, additional labor required for calibrations, and,or preventive/corrective maintenance. The CFC2 mixes small batches for what the need is, eliminating waste.

The ChemFlow CFC2 system is extremely easy to operate. It is self-monitoring and contains few moving components. The system takes advantage of the physical properties of liquids and gravity to accurately and repeatedly fill the blending vessel with precise volumes of liquid. The U-tube design is simple, self-cleaning, and with the gravity overflow drain, it naturally monitors the level within the vessels with precise accuracy. Once the u-tube is set and locked in, the volume obtained within the mixing vessel is precisely repeatable. The slurry or chemical is then delivered to the POU or loop under constant pressure and flow.


  • ChemFlow's Innovative Patented "U-Tube" Technology delivers precision blending
  • Pipe-Tank design eliminates particle agglomeration issues
  • Blending ratios up to 1000:1 - with chemical levels as low as 5cc's
  • Constant Pressure Flow Delivery Design
  • Controls "Pot-Life" issues by blending only as needed
  • Reduce chemical waste from small batch mixing process
  • No direct sensor contact with chemical
  • Blending and Delivery monitored by visual LCD touch screen
  • Uses Off-the-Shelf standard of industrial components
  • All chemical components are visible and accessible for ease of troubleshooting
  • Valves are the only moving parts. No pumps, scales, or re-calibration is required
  • Small Footprint Design
  • Extremely reliable and easy to use and System is designed with safety in mind
  • SEMI S2-93A compliant



CFC2 Series
2.5 LPM
All Chemical
No. of Chemicals
2 chemical
Mix Rate
0.25 - 2.5 LMP
Delivery Rate
Up to 2.5 LMP
+/-0.1% of Set point
3.5 gal
Module Dimensions
24"(W) x 20"(D) x 72"(H)


Facility Requirements:

UPW Supply 1/2" Flare fitting at 40 psig
UPW Return 1/2" Flare fitting at 40 psig
Nitrogen 1/4" VCR Male at 80 psig 5 scfm
Drain 3/4" FNPT - Free flowing to industrial waste
Scrubbed Exhaust 2" SCH 40 Natural Poly pipe - 2" Stub at 0.5" WC & 50 scfm
Influent Chemical Loop Teflon PFA 1/2" Flare fitting at 10 -20 psig & 1 GPM
Influent Chemical Dual Containment 2" SCH 40 Natural Poly pipe - 2" Stub
Primary Distribution Loop Supply Teflon PFA 1/2" Flare fitting at 0 - 60 psig
Dual Containment Distribution Loop Supply and Return 2" SCH 40 Natural Poly pipe- 2" Stub
Electrical 3/4" Seal-tight - 110-230 vac; 10amps

System Comparisons:

Item #
Criteria Description
ChemFlow System
Pressure/ Vacuum System
Pump System
Precision blending relying on pumps, scales or system intrusive level sensors


Frequent blending calibration / adjustments needed
Level sensors in contact with chemical product
Air bubbles developed in delivery loop due to non-functional level sensors
Frequent valve cycling
Intensive preventive maintenance required
Ergonomic issues and problems











CFC2 Series
Small Footprint