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CFF Series
Safety Chemical Transfer System
For One Gallon Bottles

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ChemFlow's Counter Balanced Chemical Transfer System is designed as a cost effective way to safely transfer liquid contents of one-gallon chemical containers (chemical or other effluent) into an internal 11 gallon storage tank. Once the contents are in the storage tank, the CFF can transfer and supply these chemicals to a point of use (POU). The system is simple to operate, yet ideal to meet the needs of a low volume chemical use operation. It greatly reduces the safety risks associated with day-to-day handling and pouring of chemicals that operators of techinicians are exposed to. It reduces repeated exposures to chemicals (TLV and PEL) and eliminates the number of times that an operator or techinician needs to fil a sink or to supply processing tools. This system eliminates procedures that require manual pouring. The system could be setup for use as a means of transfer and disposal of chemical waste. The system is designed for maximum uptime and minimal maintenance. Pouring occurs in a closed vented system with no exposure to the operator.

The CFF system is designed to fill an internal storage tank with one type of chemical. The storage tank has a capacity greater than eight-gallons. The internal tank is designed with a lid that is closed when not in use. This feature adds additional safety to prevent chemical loss due to evaporation and to lock the pouring operation. Once the tank is filled, or at a level above the "Tank Low" set point, the contents can be transferred, on demand, to a point of use. No pumps or vaccums are used. This system operates on gravity and pressure to supply chemicals to the point of use. The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) controls the fill level for the storage tank, the safety interlocks, and transferring of chemicals. It will also indicate system errors (alarms) by a flashing tower light, and a buzzer. It can be controlled by an operator at the POU on demand or controlled at the POU by a tank level sensor. The installation of a remote control or tank level sensor at the point of use is neccessary for the chemical transfer process. These are specified by the user and may require additional installation.


  • Designed to safely transfer chemicals.
  • Counter Balanced transfer system using pressure gravity properties.
  • PLC Based control system
  • Alarm indicators with flashing tower light, and sound buzzer.
  • No pumps required to operate.
  • Extremely easy to operate.
  • SEMI S2-93A compliant.

Facility Requirements:

CFF Series
Nitrogen (CDA) ¼" - ½" VCR male at 80-125 psig 5 scfm
Drain ¾" NPT - Free flowing to industrial waste
Exhaust 2" SCH 40 Natural Poly pipe – 2" stub 0.5" WC 50 scfm
Secondary Containment Pipes 1" - 2" SCH 40 Natural Poly pipe – 2" stub
Primary Distribution Loop Supply Teflon PFA ¼" – ½” Flare fitting 0 – 60 psig TBD
Electrical ¾" Sealtight - 120VAC 10 amps
CFF Series
ChemFlow System's

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4Data Sheets (363k) PDF Format
4Detail View & Features