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CFP Series

ChemFlow’s compact and Portable Single or Dual Pump Units provide chemical or slurry delivery to the point of use from a desired location.

The units are designed with practical features to allow easy connections, system set-up, and operation. Each chemical source has it’s own set of controls, pneumatic pump, and stir motor, and can be operated independently. Controls are easy to operate. Units are equipped with N2 or CDA regulators and shut-off valves to control the flow rate from each drum individually to point of use. All facility connections are placed on the deck to connect in any direction.

Each drum is coupled with a stir motor on an adjustable stand. The unique shaft on the stir motor eliminates hassle when replacing drums. The design of an adjustable center shaft allows the user to raise the shaft, replace the drum and lower the shaft back to the pre-designated position. To add to the ease of drum replacement, the cabinet is designed with two doors and a top lift panel.

The unit can be moved with little effort to a designated location. Lockable wheels add to the unit’s safety features.

Once the drum and stir is in place, the entire process is carried out in the enclosed cabinet from the control panel.

Safety features include cabinet interlocks and complete EPO shutdown. Four slide adjustments on the two access doors to vent the cabinet if needed. Two clear top access doors to monitor operation. External pump exhausts. A low cabinet design for stability. The unit has second containment greater than 120%.


  • Compact and Portable! These features allows the user to transfer chemical / slurry to the POU from a desired location
  • Equipped with 2 sets of controls for independent operation
  • Unit holds up to two 5- gallon containers
  • Simple and practical features to allow easy connection, system set-up, and operation
  • Adjustable Pneumatic Pumping to POU
  • Adjustable Speed Mixer
  • Side door - provides to the pump, container, and stir motor
  • Transparent top door -accessible to the stir motor and for the ease of viewing
  • Drain / Drain Valve
  • Lockable Wheels
  • Second Containment


Model Portable Pump Unit
Applications Chemical or Slurry
No. of Chemicals 1 or 2 five gallon drums
Mix Rate Adjustable
Pump Capacity 4.5 GPM
Delivery Rate User definable


Facility Requirements:

CFP Series
Portable Pump Unit
Supply ½" Flare fitting @ 40 psig, up to 5 GPM
Return ½" Flare fitting @ 40 psig, up to 5 GPM
Nitrogen ½" VCR male at 80 psig, 5 scfm
Drain ¾" NPT- Free flowing to industrial waste
Exhaust 4 ambient slide adjustment on doors
Primary Distribution Loop Supply Teflon PFA ¾" Flare fitting, 0 – 60 psig, up to 5GPM
Electrical ¾" Sealtight - 120/208 VAC10 amps
CFP Series