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Adjustable U-Tube Technology
ChemFlow System's R&D has engineered and developed the concept of "U-Tube" Technology. Patented adjustable "U-Tube" technique allows for highly accurate and repetitive volumetric measurements.

ChemFlow's innovative design acts as a simple side flow gravity drain that naturally monitors the level within each mixing vessel. The U-tube is easily adjustable and positioned at various levels to give the desired chemical volume for mixing.

This technique is built in with each vessel of our blending unit to produce chemical mixtures at a set ratio without variation.

The "U-Tube" Technology has proven accuracy, efficiency, and extremely reliable, designed with simplicity in mind. This unique process flow design is not only a solution, but a solution that has reached impressive results, which makes ChemFlow systems a the leading competitor in its market.

The "U-Tube" Technology is incorporated in all ChemFlow Systems Blending and Delivery Systems.